Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Advertising Through Business Card

We are living in a cyber age thus almost everything are done through the cyberspace or simply called the internet. That includes ecommerce or the online marketing. If you open you’ll find thousands of items that are for sale. You can even get big discounts in these online shops.

And many online gurus or marketer experts suggests different ways of advertising your products; that includes the powerful social media network like facebook and twitter. But don’t you know traditional ways of marketing are still in? Yes! Because, although many uses this mode of selling and buying there are still thousands of consumers that needs to be reached but are unaware that your online store exist. These consumers are usually those who do not know about online marketing or who know yet do not transact online because of the fear that might be fooled.

One traditional way to advertise your store is by giving business cards to your friends, relatives or to those you have just recently meet. Business cards are very cheap and simple to do. You can do it by yourself with your Adobe Photoshop or even using the Microsoft Word application. But if you have no talent to do this you can let others do it by just explaining what you want in your custom printed business cards. Just don’t forget to include the URL of your online store.

  Business Card sample business card I made using the online tools of

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