Online Earning Programs

 The easiest way to earn online. Registrations are FREE. You get paid to visit websites for 10 to 30 seconds.

1. Neobux: NO registration fee for standard member. Neobux offers four (4) to five (5) ads to click and view per day. Each ad cost $0.01. To maximize earning upgrade to Golden Membership and get more direct referrals. 


(See my Neobux proof of payment)

2. Clixsense: FREE registration for standard member. If you want to get more ads per day, I suggest, you upgrade your account to premium for $10 only good for one year. Minimum pay-out is $10.

If you're having problem of getting direct referrals, there is a team that will help you find your own direct referrals in clixsense using the next-in-line (NIL) system. Just click the banner below. And PM the admin. Don't forget to mention my user name as your referral (Clixsense user name: marian17 and Sulit user name: dapy17)

4.(More PTC sites to post)

 Also known as paid to write article or paid to review. This is where I got 98% of my income online. Use your talent to write to earn  from different advertisers. Advertisers will give you anchor text to link on their website. Once you post are approved then they will pay you.  But first you must have the following requirements to start paid to blog.
  •      Create a blog site with niche that you are interested to discuss.
  •     You must have more than 10 posts.
  •     Your blog must have high page rank. (check page rank @ Higher PR the better.
  •      If you want to get this seriously and want to have more tasks and opportunities, get your own domain name. Most advertiser prefer it that having sites that are free hosted by blogger, wordpress, etc. But this is not necessary
  •     If your blog is ready. Then register to the following Paid to Blog Sites. It's absolutely FREE!

1. Microworkers: Everday there are different tasks available you can grab as long as you are qualified. For paid to blog, mostly the required number of words to write an article is 50 words. Easy isn't it? There are other tasks such as: comment to other blogs, sign-up, clicking ads, etc.

2. Sponsored Reviews: There are two way to get tasks: first is you must bid on tasks and the other one is that when an advertiser directly request you to do a task. I never won a bid ever since but lucky enough to be hired by some advertisers to do article for their websites. your earning is 50% of the cost of article that you will do.

Blog Advertising - Advertise on blogs with

3. Blogvertise: Of all, this is the highest paying site based on my experience. I usually got tasks worth $10. Mostly they require a minimum of three paragraphs written and given three anchor text to link. Tasks given should be accepted or declined. In order for the Blogvertise admin to know if you are active. Tasks should be done within 7 days. Your approved post will be paid after one (1) month.

4. inPostLinks: Written post should at least contain 200 words. You'll receive the payment of your approved post after one (1) month

 5. Buy Blog Reviews

6. Social Spark -   receive payment of your approved post after one (1) month.

Set Your Price. 
Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!

(More online earning programs to post...)

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