Thursday, May 13, 2010

Organized or Messy Desk?

I am a meticulous type person. I want everything put in place for me to easily found the things that I needed: properly arrange clips, colored paper arrange according to its hue, color coordination of boxes that are properly labeled, books arrange according to its sizes and genre, etc…

Being organized help me cut-off time on looking for things. That’s why looking at my colleagues table, I’m wondering how can he finish all the towering files of tasks on his table. I once asked him about it? And he just answered me that he’s more productive and effective with all those mess on his table. Duh! Anyways we have different styles in working.

The good news is that whatever you prefer more, organized or messy, you can win an MDV3BA Pro Series Vacuum made by Metro Data Vac by just posting a blog about the Contest: Organized or Messy Desk - Which is Better?

Grab your chance now for a chance to win the vacuum to clean the mess or add it in your mess. The choice is yours.
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